Lounge Tables

Available in a multitude of finishes and sizes to suit any home or space

Choose from 6 Sizes

The Raindrop Tables are available in 6 diameters and heights, ranging from 300 to 1000 mm in diameter, to fit any home or space

Available in Multiple Finishes

We offer 6 top and 9 base finishes, from painted metal bases to tops upholstered in luxury fabrics, so you can design yours to suit your taste or interior palette

Made for You

As we handmake each piece to order we can adapt in size and height to suit your project or home

Raindrop Tables Sets

With their circular profiles, varying proportions and potential to be nested, these versatile tables evoke the pattern of raindrops in a pool of water when placed together.

Raindrop Side Table Set

From £3,225.00

Raindrop Coffee Table Set

From £4,430.00

Raindrop Full Set

From £7,735.00

Raindrop Tables

Coupling a variety of hard top & base finishes along side a multitude of sizing options. Versatility lies at the heart of our Raindrop Tables. Available individually or create pairs of sizes.

Raindrop 300

From £1,010.00

Raindrop 400

From £1,075.00

Raindrop 500

From £1,140.00

Raindrop 600

From £1,250.00

Raindrop 800

From £1,470.00

Raindrop 1000

From £1,680.00

Upholstered Raindrop Tables

Our newest addition to the family. Vidar boasts a tightly woven finish without any of the irregularities of the other bouclé fabrics within this collection. Inviting textures, multifaceted richness & familiar pallet tones.

Upholstered Raindrop 600

From £1,290.00

Upholstered Raindrop 800

From £1,320.00

Upholstered Raindrop 1000

From £1,320.00

Order a Sample Pack

We offer samples of all our finishes, just let us know which you'd like and we'll get them in the post to you right away

Order Samples

Drawing & Rendering Service

If you'd like to see a particular cluster of Raindrops and how they would fit together in your home or project we can provide drawings and renders to help you to decide on finishes and sizes.

Just create a basket with the pieces you're considering and we'll get back to you with our drawings and renders.

Create a Cluster

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