Extraordinary hand–crafted interiors & editions

Fred Rigby Studio was founded in 2008 in London, shortly after Fred Rigby graduated from Kingston University. Inspired by nature and landscapes, the studio is committed to creating thoughtful spaces and furniture, that consider the communities and environment around us. They work with an array of inspiring clients, from galleries to luxury retail stores, boutique hotels and restaurants. Fred enjoys collaborating with brands and has created pieces for the Francis Gallery in Bath, jewellery brand Alighieri and historical distillery, Talisker. The diversity of his clients is a constant, with Rigby having designed interiors and furniture for everyone from art foundation and Tuscan agriturismo Villa Lena, to Michelin-starred restaurant Leroy. Driven by how people interact with a space and how it makes them feel, his design process begins by tracing an envisioned journey through the environment and then positioning furniture, doors and walls accordingly.