Raindrop Coffee Table : Samples

Raindrop Coffee Table : Samples

With their circular profiles, varying proportions and potential to be nested, these versatile tables evoke the pattern of raindrops in a pool of water when placed together.

Bought as a set of 600, 800, 1000, we add a 10% discount

Tops: Black Oak, White Oak, Raw Oak, Ash or Microcrete

Bases: Patinated, Powder Coated Moss Green, Midnight Blue, Terracotta, Pebble Grey, Veneered Black Oak, Ash or Raw Oak, or lastly Microcrete


Midnight Blue Sprayed Ash Moss Green Sprayed Ash Pink Sprayed Ash Terracotta Sprayed Ash Raw Oak Black Oak Ash White Oak Grey Microcrete Powder Coated Pebble Grey Powder Coated Midnight Blue Powder Coated Moss Green Powder Coated Terracotta Patinated

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